How do you like your IRC client? Rare, medium or well done?

It's up to you how Babbel behaves.

Babbel is designed from the ground up to give the user all the control over how the client behaves and functions. Some users like separate windows and a shared inputline, others like an all-in-one-window with userlist and inputline attached. Others might like something in between. Babbel gives you that option! The preferences are extensive but not overwhelming. It lets you control pretty much every part of Babbel's behavior and function.

Babbel is now offered in Public Alpha versions. Alpha versions are "work-in-progress" versions. In other words, they are still under development and *will* contain bugs though we do our best to release as stable versions as possible.

One of the benefits of being in Alpha stage is that YOU, the user, can still have a say in what should be implemented. That's why we invite you to test the client and give us feedback on the client itself, bugs and whatever you wanna tell/ask us.

Will be available in many languages

During development Babbel will only available in english. In the beta stage Babbel will start to be available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese. When requested we might add more languages.

Cross platform

Because Babbel is developed in REAL Studio we can support a variety of platforms. Right now we have versions available for Mac OS X and Windows.

When finished Babbel will be one of the very few clients running on both Mac and Windows, so in mixed environments you don't have to miss out on your favorite client when you use another computer.

Babbel runs on Mac OS X (10.2 and up recommended) and Windows (XP/Vista/7).